Lofoten is the midnight sun, white beaches and turquoise ocean. It’s the northern lights dancing over the night sky, snow dressed mountaintops and sunsets with a view over the majestic and dramatic mountains in direct contact with the deep ocean. Lofoten is experiencing the nature.

Lofoten offers spectacular scenery from high mountains to white beaches, and from the endless and ruthless ocean to sheltered coves. We are more than happy to help you organize your time here, packed with startling and unique experiences. Because we know that our guests are as diverse as the waves at sea, we tailor all activities for you to get the most out of your stay in adventurous Lofoten.

Whether you’re planning on experiencing Lofoten from the top of the mountains or at sea level, if you just want to enjoy first class foods with spectacular views celebrating a good friend, or traveling the arctic islands by bike, your Lofoten experience will be most memorable when you can stay at Lofoten Apartments.

We can house up to 16 persons, in highly comfortable high standard apartments with a private dock and Vågakallen – the tallest mountain in Lofoten – right outside the window.
Business trips, anniversary celebrations or just an occasion to gather good friends for a weekend getaway – LOFOTEN APARTMENTS is the most outstanding place regardless the occasion and will maximize your total experience of Lofoten.