Welcome to Lofoten!

We would like to welcome you to Lofoten Apartments AS and thank you for choosing us for your stay here in Lofoten.
To ensure your comfort we have prepared for you this automatic introduction. Prior to your stay with us, please read the following:

The Stretch

  • ActivitiesWe are offering a wide selection of activities – everything Lofoten has to offer.
    Check out what we can offer in the menu under Experiences.
    Onsite activities include renting The Sauna and Kayaks.
    Price for The Sauna:
    300NOK/person (towels included)
    Price for kayak:
    If you want to experience Lofoten, rent The Sauna or the Kayaks – please contact us and we are happy to help you get the most out of your stay.


  • PriceThe price includes bed linen, towels and end cleaning.

  • Wifi-passwordlofotenapartments

The Loft

  • OtherDuring the winter seasons, it’s highly recommended with a 4×4, as the roads in general are covered with snow and ice.
    There is an onsite washing machine if needed.
    Price: 300NOK per time.
    Contact us by phone or email and we will fix this for you.
    Use caution when opening doors and windows when it’s windy outside – Specially the balcony door.

The Bed

  • Check-outCheck-out is at 12.00PM
    Prior to leaving, we kindly ask you to:
    Clear the apartment for ant trash/waste.
    There are trash cans on top of the little road leading down to the house.
    Please don’t leave trash outside, the birds will eat it and make a big mess.
    Place all used towels and bed linens by the front door.
    Leave the key in the door when you leave.

We hope you will have a wonderful time in Lofoten!

We hope our facilities correspond with your expectation. If you find something unsatisfying, we encourage you to share your experience with us at any time. Your feedback is the most efficient way for us to improve.

For any of your concerns or issues, guidance, or advice during your stay with us, we can be reach either by phone: +47 924 05 254

or email:


From us @LofotenApartments, we thank you once more for choosing us for your stay.