Author: Fredrikke Jerring

Studio Apartment in Henningsvær

Enjoy the elegance of this brand new luxurious apartment while staying in the historical and iconic fishing village of Henningsvær with its' unique restaurants, cafés and boutique stores. This is the latest edition to Lofoten Apartments, and the first apartment that we have located in

Oktober Vibes – yogaeventyr i Lofoten

Weekend Event 18. - 22. Oktober 2023Begrenset med plasser - maks 16 personer.  Tenk Lofoten, Oktober, ville høststormer, snart nakne trær og mørke kvelder. Tenk yoga, turer i fjellet, sauna, kalde bad. Tenk stearinlys, sunn og næringsrik «comfort-foods», peiskos og meditasjon. Tenk time-out og påfyll av

Breathe In Lofoten

Join us to amazing Lofoten for meditation, summit hikes and kayaking at Lofoten Apartments in beautiful Hopen on September 20 - September 24, 2023.Finally an adventure - Breathe In Lofoten! Join us to what might be the world’s most beautiful place for meditation, summit hikes

Rent a Private Villa

With the most amazing view overlooking the mountains and the ocean i this tranquil area of Lofoten, our villa can hold up to 16 persons divided on 3 luxurious apartments. As Lofoten Apartments is located right between Henningsvær and Svolvær, you are close to everything,

Rent a Camper Van

We have teamed up with WeCamp in Lofoten and offer to rent a cabin on wheels. Explore Lofoten from a camper van and find hidden gems on the road.   "We camp Norway is a perfect choice if you want a cabin on wheels and wake up

Christmas Party at Lofoten Apartments

This fall we are exited to welcome everyone to Lofoten Apartments for the Christmas holiday party season  and  "Julebord". With inspiration from our beautiful surroundings, the ocean and the elements of the season, we invite you to a nostalgic reunion with what makes Christmas so special

Autumn Vibes

Weekend Event 23.-26. September 2021 We look forward to welcome runners from all over the World to explore the Lofoten Islands where every day guarantees jaw-dropping sights from the mountain tops.Lofoten has have adventure written all over it and we're excited to share our love for

November Vibes

We look forward to welcome runners from all over the World to explore the Lofoten Islands and to run in the Arctic - the land of the Northern Light. Come to The Lofoten Islands this November to revive and re-energize with us.  Fresh air, majestic mountains and

Jenteeventyr i Lofoten 22.-25. september 2022

Begrenset med plasser - maks 12 personer.  Vi skal surfe, gå på høye fjell og spise lunsj på hvite strender. Kos på yogamatta etter en dag med eventyr, introduksjon til meditasjon og korte foredrag og yogaens filosofi & historie. Dette er en tur med lav terskel,

Traditional winter fishing

Every year the North Atlantic cod, or skrei, leaves its normal habitat in the Barents Sea and swims about 1000 kilometres southwards to the Lofoten region to spawn. This natural phenomenon has throughout history been the most important reason to live in the Lofoten islands.