Climbing The Goat

Svolværgeita – “The Goat” – can easily be spotted from Svolvær. This famous pinnacle was first climbed in 1910 and climbers from all over the world has ever since arrived in Lofoten with a goal to climb one of the routes on The Goat.


“We have guided climbs and can offer a beautiful hike up to the start bottom of the route and a climb to the horns that will be a highlight of your vacation.”


Most people are capable of climbing The Goat if they are used to hike, move in the nature and have the will to climb.
We supply the Ropes, Rock Rack, and all technical equipment. Climbers will need to have rock shoes, harness, and helmet (all included in the experience). You will need to carry your own back pack to the base of the route with your personal equipment, clothes, water, snack food, and have some some space for a rope. Hiking shoes or running shoes work fine for the approach and descent.