The Venue

Our latest addition to our house at Lofoten Apartments – The Venue. Our vision was to create a space where the history of the house remained but with a modern touch. The result was a venue with a large dinner table that seats a party of 16 persons, a fireplace, a Sonos soundsystem and last but not least a complete industrial kitchen for our guests to enjoy.

“Experience the ultimate luxury in Lofoten with a separate venue and a private chef dishing up a gastronomic 3-5 course meal with a world of exquisite tastes and endless delight. ”

Whether you’re a group who have rented one or more apartments and want to come together for your meals, you’re a part of an arranged trip to Lofoten with a cook as a part of the package or you want the full on experience of fishing in Lofoten with a private chef to make you a culinary happening based on your catch of the day – We got your back!